Thank you for your interest. After 21 years we have made the difficult decision to close and terminate our operations. If you are an existing insured or provider please refer to the new identification card for the contact information to obtain further assistance.

Advanced Benefit Solutions L.L.C. is not affiliated with ABS in Georgia/Texas.

About Us

Advanced Benefit Solutions, founded in 1999, is a licensed Third Party Administrator, located in Phoenix, Arizona. The consistent delivery of quality products and superior customer service has kept our outstanding reputation in the Self Funded benefit administration field. As a service company, we recognize that our success is a direct result of our "hands on" approach and the commitment and quality of the Advanced Benefit Solutions TPA staff.

We adhere to the philosophy of "principle-based behavior". We endeavor to identify expectations and exceed them by going the "extra mile". We are a true partner who values personal interaction, professional caring, and a thorough understanding of wants and intents which affords us the ability to be nimble and innovative.

At Advanced Benefit Solutions we understand that people do business with people they know, like and trust.
That's why we put so much emphasis on personal service and offer a dedicated team of experienced professionals with clearly defined objectives including:

Live Receptionist

A live receptionist who channels adeptness into understanding what our callers require and directing them in the most expeditious manner to obtain fulfillment.

Designated Claim Analysts

Designated Claims Analysts who have an integral knowledge of client's schedule of benefits.

Eligibility Specialists

Eligibility Specialists proficient in verifying that an individual is eligible and at what level/category of coverage.

Billing Technicians

Billing Technicians providing flexibility in format and composition of statement.

A responsive owner

A responsive owner who is available 24/7 and brings over twenty-five (25) years of TPA experience performing and exceeding in all aspects of the business.

An Operations Manager

An Operations Manager intrinsically involved in every facet of the company.

A Director of Sales and Marketing

A Director of Sales and Marketing with an Employee Benefit Consulting background of over thirty (30) years, specializing in self-funded groups.

A Team Coordinator

A Team Coordinator/Client Liaison who commits to meeting desired objectives.


Together we offer dedicated, experienced and cost-effective service that fits the needs of employers across the country.